icologram® defines itself as a new form of multimedia support, probably the first to be so intimately linked to the artist, because it “is” the artist!

icologram® offers a unique experience with the holographic representation of internationally recognized icons, inspired by themselves in their own intimacy and while they are alive.

Composed of outstanding talents, our team conceptualized and created a totally new realization protocol.

We are therefore creators and providers of innovative holographic content and playing pioneering role.

Denis Gabor, hologram father


The device for producing a hologram consists of recording an image and then reconstructing the light waves emanating from it. This is similar to the photographic device, which captures a light source on a sensitive support which will then be developed in order to obtain a reproduction.

The discovery of holographic art would not have been possible without the work of Edmond Becquerel (1848) and Gabriel Lippmann (1891). Following the example of the work of Dennis Gabor (Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971) and researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) who took up his work and modified certain devices with the help of lasers.

In 2020, thanks to the innovative know-how of the icologram® team, Art will now be able to offer humanity a representation of reality that is as accurate as it is authentic.


icologram® brings a completely new dimension to traditional holographic projects, as it subtly combines Art + Technology + Entrepreneurship.

Our specifications are clear: to reproduce the live experience as closely as possible and to reduce artifice during capture and post-production as much as possible.

icologram® thus aims to offer a unique experience close to the living.

Our goal is to leave an exceptional legacy using the most modern technological means while preserving the artistic DNA.

By collaborating closely with artists, living icons who are key in their field, we enable them to protect, produce and distribute their own holographic imprint as a testimony to their talent, personality or profound artistic nature. icologram® thus constitutes a true holographic heritage and is representative of the world of stars.

The public will be able to see and meet the artist by immersing themselves in an extraordinary emotional experience.

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Immortalize great artists, masters of music or any other personality through a holographic art of very high definition and unprecedented in its genre…

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Thanks to icologram® Show and agreements made with leading companies in the field, we are able to distribute our icologram® throughout the world…

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icologram® Ads+ allows you to mix virtual elements (information, 2D/3D characters) with the real world using a mobile phone, headset…

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