icologram® – The icon’s light and his hologram

icologram® defines itself as a new form of multimedia support, probably the first to be so intimately linked to the artist, because it “is” the artist!

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icologram® brings a completely new dimension to traditional holographic projects, as it subtly combines Art + Technology + Entrepreneurship.

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icologram® XR | volumetric captation

We don’t create avatars, we create the perfect digital twin!

Our team is bridging key ArtTech industries to create transformative experiences for the next generation of concertgoers, with a refreshingly artist-first approach. the icologram® team brings decades of global music industry, combining deep expertise with cutting-edge production and hologram display capabilities. Here, the world augments itself to you, morphing into your context, preferences, and needs. Reality becomes malleable, mutable, and highly personalized; it’s all defined and driven by you.

icologram® is also the best companion to power your identity in the Extended reality (XR) world, to support you constantly on how it is evolving, where the opportunities are, and where it will go. icologram® will guide you to a new and immersive experience medium, protecting your identity and all while under your complete control.

icologram® is the new Augmented Human.

Our services


Immortalize great artists, masters of music or any other personality through a holographic art of very high definition and unprecedented in its genre…

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Thanks to icologram® Show and agreements made with leading companies in the field, we are able to distribute our icologram® throughout the world…

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icologram® Ads+ allows you to mix virtual elements (information, 2D/3D characters) with the real world using a mobile phone, headset…

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