Immortalize great artists, masters of music or any other personality through a holographic art of very high definition and unprecedented in its genre.

We capture great masters in “live” and in state-of-the-art technical conditions, while they are still alive, to make their holographic “twin” eternal. The first icologram® Production was born in November 2019 with Maestro Philippe Entremont at the piano. It is the first hologram of an icon that is controlled by himself and under his sole will. He can now (re)perform on stage without the physical presence of the artist.


Thanks to icologram® Show and agreements made with leading companies in the field, we are able to distribute our icologram® throughout the world. This is possible thanks to our icolonet© and specific state-of-the-art equipment depending on the technical characteristics of the location and the audience.


icologram® Ads allows you to mix virtual elements (information, 2D/3D characters) with the real world using a mobile phone, headset, special glasses or a customized advertising medium.

icologram® has effectively integrated this technology and has already developed its own 1.0 application with one of the world market leaders.

icologram® Ads prepares reliable content at a professional level so that the desired message can be displayed clearly and visibly.